How to Add a Labb User

How to add a Labb User on your Labb Dashboard.

Add a Labb User:
  1. Visit
  2. Select the CLIENT LOGIN button.
  3. Enter your username and password to log in.
  4. Press 'Labb Users' in the Left-hand side column
  5. Press Add
  6. Enter Users information in each respective field
  7. Press Add

Collector should receive an email with a password setup link. Have them Click that link [maybe in spam/junk/other/notificaions folders] and have them set the password. 


Password Troubleshooting:

Password setup link is active for 2 hours after the link expires the user will need to go to the Labb Station Dashboard Login page [steps 1-2] and press Forgot Password enter the email address that was input in step 6 and press "Send password reset link" to get a new link.


Information Required: 
Full Name:
Rapid Donor Intake: Yes or No
Manage Test Panels: Yes or No
Manage Test Results: Yes or No
Manage Collectors/Users: Yes or No
Order Supplies: Yes or No
User Permissions Explained:

Rapid Donor Intake: This permission allows a user to perform actions such as adding donors, conducting rapid tests, and collecting specimens.

Manage Test Panels: With this permission, a user has the ability to create, modify, and archive custom test panels.

Manage Test Results: Users with this permission can view, print, or send result forms.

Manage Collectors/Users: This permission empowers a user to add and edit collectors or other users within the system.

Order Supplies: Users with this permission can place orders for billable items as needed.