Adding the Collector Signature to the Result Form via the Labb Station application

How to add a collectors signature to the Result Form.

Using the Labb Station Mobile Application on the Labb Station Tablet:

  1. Open the Labb Station Mobile application on your Labb Station Tablet.

  2. Sign in effortlessly using the Labb Badge for a seamless login, or manually input your username and password.

  3. After successfully logging in, you'll arrive at the Labb Station Application's home page. Here, tap the Gear icon located in the upper left-hand corner. This action will take you to your Labb User settings.

  4. Locate the signature field and proceed to sign within it, ensuring that your finger or stylus remains within the designated signature block.

  5. Tap the "Save" button at the bottom to save your collector signature.


    Now that your collector signature is saved, while logged into the system under your Labb User and on the preliminary result page, you can finalize the record by choosing from options such as "Save," "Sign and Send," or "Report Invalid." The system will automatically use the signature you saved in the settings to electronically sign the result form.