How to Collect a Rapid Oral Fluid Specimen

How to collect a Rapid Oral specimen.

To collect a Rapid Oral Fluid sample, provide the donor with the following instructions:

  1. Instruct the donor to move the swab around their entire mouth, making approximately 5-10 swipes.

  2. Afterward, have them place the swab under their tongue to gather a sufficient sample for testing. It's essential to ensure that the swab remains either level with the ground or angled slightly so the swab points downward.

  3. Monitor the sample volume indicator within the plastic tube, which will change to red once enough sample has been collected.

  4. When this color change occurs, discontinue the collection process and insert the swab fully into the test kit, ensuring it is securely sealed.

  5. Position the kit on a flat surface to allow the sample to properly interact with the test strips.

  6. Once the assays have fully developed, place them on the stand and scan them to obtain the test results.